"from data to fork"

Food Needs Intelligence

Today, more than ever, an enormous effort is needed to ensure that good food, the best food possible, reaches everyone's table. To make this real, you need all the energy available without wasting anything along the entire supply chain, from the field to the table.

Each node on this path must become an active player in  making the process sustainable for everyone and for the environment.

Quality information is needed and being able to process it is necessary in order to obtain reliable forecasts that allow those who produce, transform and consume to obtain the maximum possible: Intelligent and accessible data is needed.

For all this to be organic and harmonious, this data must serve not only to predict but also to inform and educate. The same intelligence helps consumers that want and need to know what to eat, when to buy it at the most convenient price and where.

In an intelligent system, everyone wins: from those who farm the land, to those who transform the raw materials and the entire supply chain down to the individual consumer.

No seeds, no drops of water, no square meters of fertile land should be wasted to produce food that is unhealthy, unsustainable or that consumers do not want and will go to waste.

The Food Intelligence Platform


DATA FOR FOOD is a hybrid platform that integrates a consolidated knowledge of the food supply chain, the ability to collect and select quality data and high processing and prediction capabilities thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on proprietary algorithms.

DATA FOR FOOD is a platform that is 'neutral' with respect to its many stakeholders but inspired and guided by clear and firm principles of social and environmental sustainability.


From farm to fork is not just a cute and understandable saying, it is a way of looking at the world of food to always remember and remind ourselves that the supply chain is circular and always will be, but the way the supply chain "turns" lies in the adoption of good practices and shared rules.

Food Wheel 2024 EN 300

For Whom:


People who want to consume good food which is healthy, reasonably priced and produced with respect for the environment.


Farming, raising and fishing, the base of the food pyramid.


Businesses of all industries and size, from the craft workshop to the large food company.


From the market stall to large-scale distribution, including e-commerce.


Food service players of all sizes from the local coffee shop to international fast-food corporations.

Quick Contact

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